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A very clever dragon

My teeth are swords, my claws spears, my wings a hu--John, stop thinking at me.

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An AU RP blog. Because Smaug doesn't die, he just moves to London.

In his home universe most racism is against orcs, the Olympics is dominated by elves, Moriarty is the last pathetic remnants of Sauron gone utterly mad, Mycroft is Gandalf (although Smaug!lock enjoys insisting that he's really just Bombur, fat and useless), John is Bilbo reincarnated, Gollum is in the homeless network, Anderson is regularly threatened with being eaten, and the current case is finding and melting the rest of the dwarven rings of power in hopes that it will make the dwarves less interested in gold. Because only Smaug gets to have gold. (He's totally an addict.)

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being utterly mad but having fun with it, body parts, crime, dragons, fire, gold, mysteries, not being bored, weird experiments
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